Saying “Thank You” to the Customer in Islam


In Islam, thanking the customer is not for the mere purpose of retaining the customer. In showing good manners by thanking the customer, you also show your gratitude towards Allah SWT as taught by the Prophet from the following hadith:

“He who does not thank the people is ungrateful to Allah.” [Abu Daud]

As like all customer service injunctions, customer service in Islam is unique because a simple act, when encouraged by the Prophet PBUH, becomes a sunnah, and thus the performance of the act also gains you a reward in the hereafter in addition to the obvious reward of the execution of the good act in itself (in this case, customer retention from thanking the customer). This is the blessing of Allah SWT through His Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

However in thanking the customer, we also need to do it the right way. Here are 3 basic guidelines in thanking the customer:

  1. The form of gratitude, verbal or even in kind, should not be excessive or extravagant in nature.
  2. The form of gratitude should be appropriate to the context of the business or transaction.
  3. The form of gratitude should not distract the customer from his main intention of doing the act.

In that spirit, thank you for reading this post.

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