Fair Trade Commerce for a Better World by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf


“The merchant is the most beneficial human being to society. Everything, the chairs that you are sitting on… the medication that is keeping your blood pressure low… everything that is beneficial to the material well-being of the human being is from commerce. But there is another secret to commerce – commerce teaches you good character, because the most successful merchants are the ones with the best character. You go back to people who treat you well. A merchant shouldn’t get angry… because he will lose the sale. So it actually creates good character. And if you want to be successful in commerce, you have to be trustworthy.” – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

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I have +10 years of unique industry and academic marketing experience in various sectors of the Islamic Business ecosystem, including integrated marketing communications of Zakat (Islamic alms-giving), product and brand management of Wakaf (Islamic endowments), and marketing and feasibility studies in Islamic Education. My Masters thesis studied factors affecting halal-food purchasing by non-Muslims in Singapore. I've also spoken at seminars and conferences including the Global Islamic Marketing Conference. I've published several works as academic journal paper, books, newspaper commentaries and website articles. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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