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If you are a student of the Arabic language, or you are already a teacher or an effective translator, then you have to check out this website:


Called Duolingo, it is perhaps the first site in the world to take full advantage of social media, language learning and the concept of lateral marketing, combining two product functions into one. While most websites either help you learn a language or offer translation services separately, Duolingo offers both at the same. How it works is that students participate in a global effort to translate certain works, at a level appropriate for them. So for example if I am a beginner Arabic student, I will be presented with simple statements in Arabic in which I would have to translate to English, or vice versa.

And this is where the genius of the website comes into play; I am not just translating random phrases, but I’m actually helping some other site out there in the internet to get translated, with Duolingo acting as the middleman facilitating this magical process. So in theory, if we had a group of beginner, intermediate and advanced students all learning the language, an online content could also be translated fast and its knowledge unleashed in a new language. Truly amazing.

However, like any crowd sourcing websites, this one too has an initial hurdle. It requires enough people to translate in order for a language to become an official learning language in Duolingo. In its list is Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian, but no Arabic, because not enough have signed up to create the mass to fully appreciate the language in the website.

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Here is where my calling to you comes in. If you are a student of Arabic language, or a teacher or even an expert translator, I urge you to log on to Duolingo’s incubator website and participate in this truly unique global effort:

Duolingo Incubator

With more on board, we may see Arabic language featured in Duolingo too.

That’s how we become global Islamic marketers: when we participate in such ready, excellent and global initiatives.

What do you think of Duolingo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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