Living Links by Zaytuna College


I’ve always been a fan of Zaytuna College for their outstanding branding finesse.

Once again they’ve managed to come up with something traditional and modern at the same time. Called the “Living Links” programme, it aims to revive the classical method of learning via traditional circles of knowledge.

Living Links by Zaytuna College

Here’s why branding it as “Living Links” is outstanding marketing:

1. Unique Value Proposition

The idea is that nothing comes close to learning knowledge from teachers who have learned it from their teachers who have learned it from their own teachers… going all the way back to the Prophet Muhammad (saw). This means that the chain of narration and education can be tracked and traced; each link of knowledge is alive – a living link.

2. Clever Repackaging of Distance Learning

These sessions are also streamed live in video format and offered online via distance learning for those unable to attend the live courses. Hence, these online links are literally living as the classes are being streamed live.

There is much unique value proposition that Islam has to offer. What Islamic marketers need to do is to give in more thought into their products and services and communicate these propositions with unique branding as well. Well done Zaytuna College.

Know of other outstanding examples in the Muslim world? Share them in the comments.

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