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Hijabi - Stanford Uni

The images we choose to promote our products and services reflects how we wish to position ourselves and our beliefs and attitudes towards the chosen image.

This is a screenshot of Stanford University’s Website. On it’s homepage. it’s first featured slider shows a Hijabi Woman, presumably a lab scientist. It’s copywriting reads: “Crossing Research Barriers.”

This choice of image with the copywriting by Stanford University is smart for the following reasons:

  1. Crossing Barriers in Terms of Research Content and Matter: The University is communicating to us that its faculty offers a multidisciplinary approach in the way it attempts to solve current health problems. The image helps to reinforce this as the image is not what you might expect; sadly a picture showing a Hijabi woman working in a lab is not really common. Hence, the message of “Crossing Barriers” is consistent as crossing barriers would mean venturing into what may not be considered a norm. The image shocks the reader and reinforces the message in a pleasant way.
  2. Crossing Barriers in Terms of Cultural Stereotypes: By choosing a Muslim woman dressed in a hijab, the University is also communicating to us of its open doors policy to recognize talent and knowledgeable persons beyond cultural stereotypes. In other words, the University is pure and sincere in its academic focus, and is not clouded by anything else. This message should resonate well not just with Muslim students, but non-muslim students who value a University that is brave enough to communicate this positioning, beyond stereotypes.

Images are a powerful way to communicate positioning. Way to go Stanford University. What do you think of the image chosen by Stanford University? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I would first like to say, this is a great Islamic information blog. I really enjoy your writing and thank you for sharing and efforts in providing the right knowledge as Islam grows in business. We need to learn and follow the best business model for success and Islam has this to offer.

    I really like this picture from Stanford University, very tasteful and shows Islamic women in the right light, bright and determined to make a difference in the world.

    Jazak Allah Kharian

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