Macro Promotions and Distribution Strategies of Islam


The distribution of the message of Islam after the prophetic revelation is reflected in the life of the Prophet himself. The life of the Prophet PBUH upon receiving revelation can be divided into 2 periods:

  1. The Meccan Period: Approximately 13 years
  2. The Madinian Period: Approximately 10 years

In terms of divinely guided broad promotional strategies of communicating the message of Islam:

  1. Secret Invitation: First 3 years in Mecca. This could be argued as new product (Islam) being marketed to a current market (those who already close and truly loyal to the Prophet); New Product to Current Market. A seemingly prototype testing phase is seen here, where before the new product is launched and promoted widely, it is first tested, made familiar, and stabilized.
  2. Public Invitation: Remaining 7 years in Mecca till migration to Madinah. This could be argued as new product (Islam) being marketed to a new, but rather hostile market; New Product to New Market. This is localized marketing.
  3. Public Invitation outside of Mecca: Approximately 10 years in Madinian period until the end of the Prophet’s life; New Product to New Market that may be socially different. This is where new markets are ventured with less available sensing towards receptive conditions as the marketing done previously in Mecca.

Again, it is worth studying the history of how the religion of Islam is spread, to see the divinely guided marketing plan in action.

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