Say it in 3s – Public Speaking Tips from The Prophet


Anas reported that when the Prophet used to say something, he would repeat it three times so that it would be understood. When he came to a people, he would greet them three times. [Al-Bukhari]

When we reflect on the hadith above on the repetition pattern favoured by the Prophet, we cannot help but relate it to a modern concept of public speaking called ‘triadic extensions’ . Triadic extensions refer to the use of three words, three phrases or even three parallel paragraphs to drive certain points home and paint a clearer message of the picture. In modern public speaking and communication theory, triadic expressions help to provide structure to thoughts, provide forward momentum with a sense of continuity and reinforce key aspects to the message.

It is interesting to note that the last 3 surahs of the Quran are seemingly triadic in nature too. And God knows best.

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