The Art of Pitching in Basmalah


What would be an ideal way to introduce yourself to someone?

The introduction should have two qualities:

  1. Leverage: communicating your value proposition to the person and how you can possibly help the person achieve a certain goal, with the specific skill sets you have to fit the person’s context.
  2. Disarm: making the person comfortable with who you are; given that this is the first encounter, assuring the person that you can be trusted.

The art of the introduction, or pitching, is perfected by Allah SWT Himself. In the divine arrangement of the chapters of the Quran through the guidance of the Prophet PBUH (it is worthy to remember here that the arrangement of the Mashaf of the Quran is not by chronological order, which makes this first statement choice all the more significant), Allah SWT chooses to begin the holy book, in a chapter appropriately named “The Opening”, with an introduction of Himself:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. (Surah Al-Fatihah: 1)

In the name of God – to begin with the highest of leverage and station. The ultimate grandeur, majesty and might. Followed by a pure disarming of the grandeur to illustrate the very essence of the statement itself – that while this is God speaking to you, that He knows your deepest needs, wants and hopes, and that He is the Compassionate, and Merciful. This pitch, is a tour de force, because it is as if He already knew your deepest worry when coming into prospects of facing Him – that you have faulted, erred, and have not done enough. And surely, He already knew. But He answers you immediately, assuring you that His Mercy is awaiting those who come back to Him.

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And in the pitch itself – to communicate the core proposition: to return to Him.

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