Use the Right Hand for the Right Advertising


When designing a poster or any other form of advertising material to a Muslim target group, it is important to check that the right hand is used in the visual and not the left hand. This is because in Islam, the left hand is associated and used for cleansing and lavatory, while the right hand is associated for other daily routines and anything that is good:

Aishah reported that the Prophet (PBUH) liked to begin with the right in all things – in purification, combing his hair and putting on his shoes. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

While a visual representation of a person using his right hand in your advertisements may not be that apparent, an image of a person using his left hand may get noticed and draw disapproval from your Muslim target participants. Hence ensure that this component is in your checklist when designing that next ad.

Do you have your own Islamic advertising checklist or experienced unfortunate blind spots? Share your comments below.

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