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Lost Islamic HistoryAn important component of Islamic Marketing is product innovation. In order to truly serve better, products and services must be inspired with innovative solutions that reflect the strength from which they stem from: the religion itself. While we busy ourselves in trying to invent new products and services, many today however do not realise Islam’s already vast contribution to humanity in the past.

Enter Lost Islamic History – a book written by Firas Alkhateeb based on his popular website of the same name. Beginning  from the time of Prophethood, the book takes you on a journey of the Prophet, the companions, the different caliphate eras, the military prowess and expansions to different parts of the world including Europre, India and Southeast Asia, the rise of Islamic thinking by greats such as Imam Bukhari, Al-Ghazali, Ibn Sina with their contributions such as mathematics, philosophy and even the scientific method itself, the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire and concluding with Arab spring.

As evident from the above, while most history books on Islam focus on certain eras and fields, what makes this book unique is that it attempts to cover the vast history of Islam in a concise manner that does not dilute the area of focus. The author does a remarkable job of explaining just the right amount of important information and piecing it together to the next chain of events in history.

If you are looking at just that one book to help you discover Islam’s vast, almost unbelievable, yet very real contribution to humanity inspired by a genuine belief in the power of the faith, this book is a good candidate. Islam’s history is not lost, but rekindled once again to motivate a next chapter in history, thanks to this book.

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