3 Key Processes in Islamic Marketing


In any marketing plan or campaign, the three key processes in order are:

  1. Strategy: The thought process behind the plan. (e.g. SWOT, PEST, Porters)
  2. Tactics: The execution using tools based on the strategy. (e.g. 4Ps)
  3. Measurement: Monitoring success, short and long term results. (e.g. Profit, Segment Captured, Outcome-Based)

These three processes are not alien to Islam. Take a look at one of the most quoted verses in the Quran related to da’wah:

“Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair exhortation, and dispute with them by way of that which is best. Truly your Lord knows best those who stray from His way and He knows best those who are guided.” (Surah An-Nahl:125)

From the verse above, a breakdown of the processes:

  1. Wisdom: Signifying the thinking; using the mental intellect. (Strategy)
  2. Fair exhortation: Reflecting the execution process, an active action of advice. (Tactics)
  3. Dispute by way that is best: Short term action to mitigate tactics. (Short term measurement)
  4. Truly your Lord knows best who has strayed, who is guided: Long term view of results, tawakal. (Long term measurement)

Keep in mind these three fundamental processes and insyaAllah your marketing is on track.

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