Madhab Intelligence (MQ) in Islamic Marketing


madhab islamic marketing

Within 200 years after the passing of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), Islamic Law in Sunni Islam coalesced into 4 broad traditions of interpretations known as Madhab. In about 30% of the rulings are there differences in interpretation and with that, repercussions towards business practices.

Hence there is no escaping the need to acquire good cross-cultural intelligence to do Islamic Marketing successfully. Examples include providing value-added advisory services to muslim travellers should they be travelling to a region of a different Madhab and even tailoring clothing and fashion to suit the different regional acceptance. At the heart is the ability of the brand to not just adapt, but to become intelligent enough to transform and remain relevant across similar needs but subtle solution differences and requirements.

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I have +10 years of unique industry and academic marketing experience in various sectors of the Islamic Business ecosystem, including integrated marketing communications of Zakat (Islamic alms-giving), product and brand management of Wakaf (Islamic endowments), and marketing and feasibility studies in Islamic Education. My Masters thesis studied factors affecting halal-food purchasing by non-Muslims in Singapore. I've also spoken at seminars and conferences including the Global Islamic Marketing Conference. I've published several works as academic journal paper, books, newspaper commentaries and website articles. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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