Threat of ISIS: Why religious teachers in Singapore need to learn marketing (with 3 key suggestions)

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A sad situation in Singapore, as two Singaporean youths have been detained for terrorism-related activities. One of them is a 19 year old who was self-radicalized from material on the Internet related to ISIS such as their websites and social media.

In other words, ISIS has managed to infiltrate the hearts and minds of the youth and persuaded them through social media and the power of marketing (see my analysis of ISIS branding). With that, it’s high time religious teachers in Singapore (or any country for that matter) learn marketing too to correct perceptions and influence narratives towards what brand Islam is really about. Here are three key suggestions:

  1. Make marketing a training requirement: There are multiple courses available offline and online on marketing. One example is a site I’ve created called Super Da’wah to specifically guide asatizah on how to use marketing in the context of marketing their religious activities.
  2. Make marketing a conscious decision in da’wah: In the execution of daily activities at the mosque, religious teachers must be conscious to use marketing techniques to aid in the effectiveness of their outreach methods.
  3. Working together with marketing specialists: This is two way. Marketing specialists, especially those who are Muslim, must step up to assist the asatizah in their marketing activities. Asatizah as well must understand the limitations of their da’wah methods and see the value of working together with marketing specialists to help the public understand the true meaning of Islam better.

Some readers of this website are also marketing specialists. As such, we would love to hear your views on how we can fight this threat of terrorism through media, communications and better marketing. Post your comments below.

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