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About 2 months ago, I picked up a book entitled “40 Hadith with Stories by Prof Dr M Yasar Kandemir”. It was a thin picture book filled with children’s stories, with each one related to hadith which is a saying or action  by the Prophet Muhammad. And in that one setting I read the book from cover to cover. It was an amazing book.

What was surprising about the book was its execution and packaging. Most hadith books I’ve come across are written in textbook fashion, and packaged for the student, in a classroom atmosphere. This book on the other hand, combined both the wonders of the hadith with a reflection from a story-telling perspective, with beautiful pictures, for children. Through this book, the hadith of the prophet could be reflected by children in a manner they could understand and appreciate; stories.

40 Hadith Reflections on Marketing and Business - Mini CoverThis idea inspired me to compile 40 selected hadith and reflect upon them from an angle I have always been passionate about: marketing. Starting the process was fairly simple. This was because I have grown accustomed to the habit of tagging hadith with short business notes. A hadith on communication? I’ll tag it with public speaking. A hadith on giving others things of value? I”ll tag it with customer value.

Along the way though, as with any other book you attempt to write, the book begins to challenge you. I began to question deeper into the selection of hadith, how they were organised, and the reflections behind each one. I wanted the reader to not only be guided in realising the hadith gems from a marketing perspective, but to also develop their own critical thinking.

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A month later, the book is now finally completed. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it for you.

A new hope, for a new generation of marketers. Introducing: 40 Hadith Reflections on Marketing and Business .

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